Caring for your loved one’s Bonsai Urn fosters an enduring heart-connection. Learn How

Bonsai Urn is an environmentally-friendly way to honor a loved one. Find Out Why

It’s simple to create a living legacy with Bonsai Urn. Don’t believe us? We can show you

We offer six types of beautiful Bonsai trees. See our selection

Celebrate and honor your loved ones and keep the memory of their life present

The BONSAI URN offers an environmentally-friendly way to care for a loved one’s cremated remains that people love.

Others really like the idea of creating a living memorial in honor of someone dear to them.

And some, aware of the ease-of-care and longevity of Bonsai trees, know a Bonsai Urn will become a living legacy of love, which can be passed down to future generations. (See available Bonsai Trees)

Another reason people love Bonsai Urns: each and every time attention is given to the care of the tree, emotional and spiritual healing takes place.

No traditional cremation urn can do that.

This cremation urn features our patented growing system, making it possible for you to easily grow and care for a Bonsai tree. We’ve made it easy to order a Bonsai Urn, too.

Do You Have Questions?
We’ve answered the most common questions Bonsai Urn on our FAQ page. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to contact us by phone, email, or via the form on our Contact page.

“The Bonsai Urn an enchanting alternative….it’s therapeutic. In truth, when you choose a Bonsai Urn, you’re making a long-term commitment to maintaining a living connection with your deceased loved one. That is a very potent, healing action. And each time attention is given to the care of the tree, emotional and spiritual healing takes place.”
~ Kim Stacey, California funeral director and certified grief counselor

Bonsai Urn ceramic cremation urn for a bonsai tree or other plant


The BONSAI URN features a porcelain ceramic pot measuring approximately 9” high and 9” in diameter and includes our patented growing system of interlocking ring trays along with accessories (mixing cup and stirrer) to assist in the planting process.

Bonsai Urn eco-friendly ceramic cremation urn for a bonsai tree or house plant


You may order the Bonsai Urn with or without our choice of Bonsai Trees.

We have three color ceramic choices available. For a limited time, SAVE $52 on your purchase AND fill out the form below to receive a FREE Bonsai Tree with your order.

Bonsai Urn eco-friendly cremation urn for a bonsai tree or other plant


The Bonsai Urn allows you to “grow life” from the cremated remains of your loved ones with a Bonsai Tree or plant inside a compact, portable ceramic pot with our patented growing system.

Bonsai Urn environmentally friendly urn for a bonsai tree or other plant


Find answers to all your questions about our Bonsai Urn including what types of trees we have available, other types of plants you can grow, planting suggestions, etc.

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