eco-friendly cremation urn for growing plants with its integrated patented planting systemAbout the Bonsai Urn Plant Growing System

The BONSAI URN is a eco-friendly cremation urn for growing plants.  Its integrated patented planting system will grow a Bonsai tree or any other plant. It features a porcelain ceramic pot measuring approximately 9” high and 9” in diameter. It includes our patented growing system with accessories to assist you in the planting process.

You also receive a matching ceramic lid to use your Bonsai urn as a traditional urn. In addition, you will also receive a matching ceramic saucer plate to catch any excess water drainage when you water your Bonsai Tree or plant.

There are currently three ceramic glaze colors to choose from: White, Beige and Celedon (blue/green). You have the option to order with or without a bonsai tree.

We currently offer three Bonsai Tree choices when you choose to include a tree with your purchase. These Bonsai Trees are typically 6 – 10 years old and measure 12” – 15” in height to best fit your Bonsai Urn. This includes the Ficus Retusa, Willow Leaf and Braided Money trees. They are best suited to be grown indoors or may be placed outside in mild climates (not below 50F degrees).

There are additional options available on the special tree ordering website of the popular outdoor Juniper or indoor/outdoor Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Trees, if you wish to ‘upgrade’ to these older and higher value trees.

When you receive your BONSAI URN ordered with a Bonsai Tree, you will receive our special code to choose from a selection of Bonsai Trees that will be shipped separately to your location to insure that your Bonsai tree arrives when you’re ready to place it in the urn.

The perfect solution
My wife’s last wishes were to become part of a tree so that she can continue to live on through nature. The problem was what would I do if I moved? The Bonsai Urn allows us to fulfill her wishes and we will never have to worry about leaving her behind.

Barry O.

Absolutely Lovely and Stress-Free
The urn arrived and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a beautiful blue and a heavy ceramic. When the tree arrived, the instructions that came with the urn and care for the tree were very easy to follow and made the entire planting process go smoothly.