Flower Urn

Throughout time, people of all cultures have honored the passing of their loved ones with fresh flowers and beautiful floral arrangements. Flowers are used at memorial services to remind us of the beauty of life. Most cemetery sites have vases to place fresh flowers in loving memory.

Our patented Urn provides you the ability to honor your loved ones with fresh flowers in your own home. Our tasteful ceramic Flower Urn with the enclosed vase, surrounded by the cremains of your loved one within the enclosed chamber makes a beautiful statement of love and memories for any home. The enclosed flower vase holds water for your flowers. The flowers are not in direct contact with the cremains and our patented design ensure that the cremains stay dry and contained.

You can use flowers of all sizes in your Flower Urn. Tall stemmed flowers, like roses, can be arranged with a small piece of floral ‘oasis’ foam, available from most florists or online. You can select your loved one’s favorite flowers, flowers that represent a favorite color or scent or flowers that fit your home decor.

We now offer a Flower Subscription Program for you to receive a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers once or twice each month, specially designed for the Flower Urn. See detail HERE.

In addition, you have the option to grow a houseplant or Bonsai Tree in the center at any time in the future.

Absolutely Beautiful!!
I wanted something unique to represent what my mama loved. She always loved “Gods Pallet” this represents her love for nature. Ordering was simple and everything came as they said it would.


Great product
I needed something that wasn’t a typical urn, and this was it. Great support and speedy receipt!