How it Works

The BONSAI URN gives you a simple, attractive way to grow a Bonsai Tree or plant from the cremated remains of your loved ones in a compact, portable ceramic pot with patented growing system inside. No worries about moving, renting or outside growing spaces.

The BONSAI URN can be placed indoors near a window, grow lamp or outside on the patio, deck or special garden area.

The patented integrated growing system has separate chambers to hold the Bonsai Tree or plant, cremains and growing medium. Choose your Bonsai Tree or plant that you wish to place inside the Bonsai Urn. Follow the instructions that your receive with your Bonsai Urn to plant your tree along with the cremains of your loved ones. The ceramic lid will enclose everything for a lovely, finished look.

Top view of the Bonsai Urn planting system showing the various compartments for your plant, soil and cremains.

Top view showing the Bonsai Urn with the planting system installed and two interlocking covers in place.

Your Bonsai Urn comes complete with easy to follow planting instructions, special soil, mixing cup and stirring stick.