Our Story

Bonsai Urn founder
David Liberstein

The BONSAI URN was conceived in a moment of inspiration by the inventor and founder, David Lieberstein, in late 2015. David has been offering consulting to inventors, based on his many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the housewares and gift industry. He assisted one of his clients to market a biodegradable urn for the garden using tree seeds. This was a wonderful idea but had many limitations. David realized that if you are renting, live in an apartment, condo, or thinking of moving in the next few years, a portable urn option with a Bonsai Tree, house plant or fresh flowers would be a better solution for families.

Hence, the idea for the Bonsai Urn was born. It can be displayed in many areas of your home or patio, easily transported over time from one location to another as well as passed on to other family members.

David is deeply touched by the beauty and grace of life. The passing of our loved ones is always challenging. As more and more people choose cremation for environmental, societal and budgetary reasons, we need more options to intern the cremains of our family members. The BONSAI URN gives families an important option to ease this transition and grow memories with natural beauty.