Planter Urn

A living, green memorial is a unique and pleasing way to store your relative’s cremains in our Planter Urn.

Our patented urn can be used as a planter for most small indoor or outdoor plants. The central area of our urn is designed for a 3” wide standard potted plant, surrounded by the cremains in a separate sealed chamber within your urn.

You can feature your relative’s favorite plant (purple orchid, violet, miniature rose bush, etc.) or change them seasonally, as you wish. The plant can be kept in the nursery container, just as with any decorative planter, or you can remove the nursery container to allow your plant to grow into our inner chamber, which allows your plant more soil area. If you choose, you can also include a small amount of the cremains in the inner soil chamber to nourish your plant.

In addition, you have the option to grow a Bonsai Tree or place fresh cut flowers in the center at any time in the future.

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