Ordering from THE BONSAI URN

Your BONSAI URN is carefully packaged to prevent any damage in shipment. If your ceramic Bonsai Urn arrives broken, please email us within 14 days for us to arrange for a replacement urn shipped to you at no additional cost.

If you choose to order your Bonsai Tree with us, great! We work exclusively with the a national Bonsai Tree nursery, which ensures that all of our customers receive the highest quality Bonsai Trees and that they arrive packaged properly, are healthy and ready to plant.

We guarantee that your Bonsai tree will arrive in a good, healthy condition or we’ll replace them at no charge. Please notify us within 7 days of receipt of your Bonsai Tree if you have any shipping damage to the tree.

While the success rate with our Bonsai Trees is very good, anytime we deal with nature there are variables out of our control.  If you follow the Bonsai Tree care instructions well, your Bonsai Tree should grow for many, many years.